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What Can Yoga Do For You?

Learn about our classes and benefits of yoga.

Yoga means “yoke” or “union” in Sanscrit and refers to linking the physical body with the mind and spirit.

We are striving for strength and flexibility with a focus on proper form.  Yoga increases blood flow through breathing and movement. A yoga practice improves sleep, reduces joint and muscle pain, increases energy, and reverses the physical symptoms of aging.

Yoga teaches us to relax and lowers heart rate. Stress dissolves, mental activity improves, and balance is restored.

All Skill levels

All classes can be personally tailored for all skill levels. Please bring your own mat. Please let the instructor know of any injuries or maladies that might affect your ability to perform exercise.

Single Class

Drop in to all regular classes for $12

Punch Card

$50 for a 5 class punch card. Good for all regular classes. *Cards do not expire!

Yoga Class Schedule

Current location: Groovz Studio : 217 Main St, Stevensville MT.

Monday & Wednesday, 9:30 am- Gretchen

Thursday 9:30 am -Andrea

Please bring your own mat and personal equipment.



We offer a wide selection of massage services

Call for availability: 406-207-3738

Deep Tissue Massage

With slow and deep finger, elbow and hand pressure on contracted areas, the goal is to release “chronic” tension patterns. Very effective, but not for the faint of heart!

Swedish Massage

Designed to be calming and rejuvenating for the body and mind. It employs long strokes, kneading, and friction to superficial layers of muscle and can be combined with active and passive joint movement.


Start reflexology with a herbal hand and foot soak! Pressure points correlating to body locations are targeted. Ischemic muscle is targeted with pressure point therapy, increasing blood flow and oxygen.

Ear Candling

This therapy is designed to remove excess ear wax, allowing for better balance and improved hearing. $4.00/candle, $1/minute. The average treatment is 30 to 45 minutes

Neuromuscular therapy

Ischemic muscle tissue (where muscle spasms commonly occur) is targeted for longer periods of time than typical pressure point therapy. This technique is designed to increase blood flow and increase oxygen in the the blood, thus reducing lactic acid.

Myofascial Release

Combines any number of the techniques described here, depending on the needs of the client. Releases are designed to relieve muscle stress and can be especially helpful for athletes who are tender and/or chronic.

Yoga Instructors and Massage Therapists

Meet Our Team

Life is a bridge. Cross over it, but build no house on it.

Indian Proverb

This quietness dissolves the ... burden of all woes, for when there is stillness in your heart, wisdom will also have found its peace.

Bhagavad Gita

Energy and persistence after all things

Benjamin Franklin

By cutting away sorrow, the brilliant light of the self dawns."

Pantanjali's Yoga Sutras

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217 Main Street, Stevensville, MT.

We are currently holding yoga classes at the Groovz Dance Studio in Stevensville.